Monday, 21 January 2008


I've been playing with my logmaker, the results look more like bricks than logs to be honest.It's a way to use up old newspapers, junkmail,my paper scraps, dry teabags, sawdust etc.
You make the paper wet and then shape it into a ball and stick it in this contraption that squeezes most of the water out.
They say the brick/log burns for over an hour , I cannot wait for them to be dry properly and try it out. It wil take ages for them to dry out. May be it's more a summer job?
I may be using up more energy making them than getting out of it but who cares it's called recycling isn't it.?
I had a great time last night trying to coax the cockerel back into the chicken pen , peabrain still hasn't figured out how to get there. So I opened the gate in the hope he'd get through, he didn't but some sheep did who aimed for my vegetable plot, or rather what is left of it by the deer . So I had to lure them back into the field. The cockerel spent the night on top of a fence.
Did you know that deer don't like leeks?? They left them alone but the curly kale was delicious thank you very much.


Karen (BF) said...

I used to use a logmaker. Brilliant once you get on a roll with them. They last a long time too...well done Ellen X

Rosie (Freycob) said...

What a cheeky lot of sheep you've got Ellen! Hope the cockerell didn't wake you too early with his new found freedom.

Is that when you get on a 'log roll' Karen? LOL x

Caroline said...

What a great way to use up scraps of paper otherwise destined for the recyling bin! Have they dried out yet?

Louly said...

You really made me laugh about the curly kale (whoops). I love the idea of paper logs, I've never heard of that before. Have you tried putting shredded paper on your compost heap? I've heard that's another great way to use it so I've been useing the paper from the bottom of my parrots cage in the compost - I'm hoping the extra poop will help. lol

Nicola - Keyboard Queen said...

Would love an update on how the logs are drying / working!

That sounds like a craft I'd really really enjoy because it's useful and saves energy and sounds messy fun as well :)

All our bank receipts and anything with personal info gets ripped up and goes in our worm bin for the wormies to munch on, but I guess you could use them in the paper logs too.