Sunday, 9 March 2008

long forgotten skills

have come back again. It must be over 30 years ago since I last knitted socks on 4 needles.

I just finished this one .

The wool nowadays is so colourful the pattern just develops by itself.

I did try to knit them on a circular needle but preferred the 4 set.
het is zeker al 30 jaar geleden sinds ik voor het laatst op 4 naalden heb gebreid maar zoals je ziet ben ik het nog niet verleerd. De wol van tegenwoordig is zo leuk, het patroon breit er vanzelf in.


Kaz said...

Ellen those socks are gorgeous. I've never done anything more than basic so any hints and tips on circular knitting would be very helpful. Seeing those socks makes me want to have some too!!

Janice said...

Fab socks Ellen. I can just imagine you putting them into your wellies hee hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Gave sok zeg Ellen! Knap dat je dat kan! Roept herinneringen op aan mijn oma, die breide ook vaak sokken.
groetjes, Jo

Angelnorth said...

Circular or four needles is definitely the way to go - no seams to stitch up! Great-looking sock, hope it gets a twin soon!

Hazel said...

Yay!!!! That's brilliant, Ellen

Rosie (Freycob) said...

That sock is FAB FAB FAB!!!!

I haven't knitted on 4 needles for what seems like forever! My mum taught me when I was about 12, so never mind for ever, try prehistoric!!!!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Very nice Ellen, you wont be getting cold feet anymore :)

Andrea xx

Kathy said...

oh wow, Ellen - reading this message took me straight back to being a little girl and seeing my Grandma knitting socks and other stuff with all those needles! Always looked incredibly complicated to me. I was a great disappointment to her as I had no interest in knitting whatsoever.