Saturday, 22 March 2008


is it really a week ago since I last blogged? OOps.

Been busy with a lamb that was born yesterday, the mum is poorly so we had to try and bottlefeed it. It seemed to be doing well but sadly died this afternoon. Those are the hard things in keeping anymals. They are so cute. Mum was still alive tonight and was eating andI managed to get some drink in her with a syringe ,hopefully she'll survive.

We had another lamb this afternoon, that one seems fine.

We did not expect them till the 1st of April but remembered that the ram had been visiting before it was planned, he had jumped over the fence and clearly must have scored.

right back to crafting.... the challenge from DCM is

It’s all in the GameTiddlywinks, playing cards, dominos, jig saw pieces…….the list goes on and I’m sure that most of us have a drawer somewhere that has the odd one or two of these lying around in.Well now’s your chance to use them because I dare you to make a card using some of those pieces.Oh and no, you don’t need to throw a double six to start playing.

I took a puzzlepiece, coloured it using alcohol inks, then stamped it with various stamps and finally put several layers of UTEE on it.

The background was made by using a Heidi Swapp alphabet mask and covering the card with Distress Ink.
alweer een week geleden sinds ik geblogged heb, ik ben druk geweest met lammetjes en een schaap dat niet in orde is. Een van de lammetjes heeft het helaas niet gered . de moeder leeft nog wel, hopelijk redt die het .
De uitdaging op DCM is gebruik een stuk van een spel , pion, fiche, kaart of zo.
ik heb gekozen voor een groot puzzelstuk dat ik gekleurd heb met alcohol inkt, daarna bestempeld met verschillende stempels en tenslotte een paar lagen UTEE erover.
De achtergrond is gedaan met Heidi Swapp masks en gekleurd met Distress inkt


Stempelchaotin said...

Wow this is a fantastic piece. Looks great.

Susan (Sue H) said...

Thanks for taking part in my first dare Ellen.
I love the effect that you’ve achieved with the alcohol inks and the alphabet mast. The colours work so well together too.

Debbie said...

What a clever idea - this is beautiful

PaperBabe - Kim said...

Lovely idea and the effect with the inks in stunning!