Sunday, 6 April 2008

Arteypico Award

dear Sheila from Manicstamper honoured me with this lovely award and now it's my turn to pass it on to 5 other bloggers who inspire me .
I'll spread it a bit to the other side of the channel as well.
Marjolijn because, like me she is always keen to try out something new; she hasa big heart and is always positive.

Sanderijn because I'm in awe of her creations ; anything she touches turns into gold. She's gota very distinctive style and I'm sure scrappers world will hear a lot more about her.

Maddy Hill because there is no end to her imagination, her creations are just awesome ,be it fimo, cards, scrapbooking, altered art she's there in full force.

Adele because I love her style of cards ; the things she teaches us about special needs children and the struggle to get what they need; I admire the way she deals with it all and still remains cheerful and finds time to craft.

Kaz because I'm in love with her knitted monkeys and she makes me laugh; oh and her cards are great as well.


maddy hill said...

First of all congratulations Ellen - very well dersevered ! - absolutly adore your MIMI card !!

and wow what can i say ... im completely gobsmocked that you have passed it onto me ! I unbelievably thrilled to absolutle bits !!!!! xxxx
love maddy xxxx

Hazel said...

Very well deserved, Ellen - and those you have awarded this to - such people are a great inspiration to us all

Kaz said...

Aaww thanks for the award Ellen, and well done on getting it for yourself xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ellen.
En nu verder in mijn eigen taaltje want ik ben niet zo'n ster in Engels, jammergenoeg. Wat ontzettend leuk . Ik werd even helemaal emotioneel toen ik het las. Heb toch maar even gekeken of je echt mij bedoelde. Wat ontzettend lief van je. Als ik het goed begrijp moet ik nu weer vijf mensen benoemen . Moet ik dan ook die award erbij zetten? Zou je me even uitwillen leggen hoe ik dat kan doen?
Ik heb ook bij de anderen even gekeken en wat een leuke werken staan daar op zeg. Vooral die apen helemaal te gek zeg. Ellen bedankt.Ik vind het superleuk!
Groetjes en ook voor de rest proficiat.

Sanderijn said...

Wow I am so honoured, You say such sweet things about me, getting shy here....

Adele said...

Oh my goodness Ellen!!!!THANK YOU!!!LOL, not sure when I can load it on my blog...with little "helping hands" around!!

Congratulations-you thoroughly deserve it.

love Dingle.xx