Monday, 23 June 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Sheila ( thanks Sheila!!!)
so now my turn to own up and answer 5 questions and then pass them on

1. 10 years ago.
I was still living in Holland and trying to get to grips with the fact that I could not go back to work( nursing) after a car accident . I'd been trying for 2 years and this was the final no this is it.
It took quite a while to get used to a slower and totally different existence.but I got there in the end.

2. 5 things on todays to do list.( I pretend I'm writing this in the morning ,the day has nearly gone)
1. go shopping in Fort William
2. go to the library ""
3. collect eggs in the sheep pen ( don't ask me why , ask the chickens)
4. go and see that my other sheep who are staying in a friends field are o.k.
5. post a sketch challenge on the Dutch forum Scrapfever , make some more cards for this and chat on the forum.

3. Snacks I enjoy
does liquorice count??? and chocolate
if not you can wake me up for some nice old Dutch cheese or French cheese any time.


I keep on getting letters thatI've won a prize but they never send it to me.
I'd buy each of my children a house
Demolish this one and build a big wooden chalet instead with a swimmingpool behind it.
Build a swimmingpool for the whole peninsular.
travel travel travel
any left over?? mmm build a hospice in this area and a nursinghome so people don't need to leave here.

5. Places I have lived
you better take a chair.
Utrecht- Weert- den Haag- Harderwijk- etc.. then Germany back to Holland more etc.My dad was in the army and we moved every 2 or 3 years
spent almost a year in Africa- half a year in Malaysia-
Perth ( Scotland) - Newport ( Wales ) - Puncknowle - in Dorset- back to Holland moved there
then back to Scotland on the west coast where we are staying put. well thats the idea anyway.
I did add it up the other day and got to 32 housemoves

and now my turn to tag a few others

Karen G




even voor de Nederlanders het is de bedoeling dat je de 5 vragen beantwoord en dan weer 5 andere mensen tagged.

1. 10 jaar geleden

2. 5 dingen die op je lijstje staan om vandaag te doen (de dag dat je ze invult)

3. snacks die je lekker vindt

4. wat zou je doen als je millionaire was

5. waar heb je allemaal gewoond

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ScrapEnjoy said...

Nou Ellen, bedankt hoor, maar hoe werkt het precies????? (ben niet blond hoor)
Moet ik de vragen beantwoorden op mijn eigen blog? okee geen probleem en dan 5 mensen optrommelen? weet er maar 1, en dat is Annemarie.
Hoor wel van je.

lieve groet Lilian