Friday, 16 January 2009

A house for TGIF

The challenge on Thankgoditsfriday is to make a house . What puzzles me on that blog is the challenge comes out on Friday and by 12.00 there are 15 entrees already how do you all do that?

Are you all part of the DT or do you get told beforehand what the next subject is.

I tried using my new TH foamsquares to blend the ink but I'm beginning to fear that I cannot work with them. I find the old kitchen sponge in pieces works better for me.


Rosie said...

I think the challenge goes live the night before TBH! I'm always quite stunned by the number of early entries myself! Having said that, I love this house you've created, especially the spider's web.
I don't use TH foam thingies either - ditto bits of torn off sponge. I also made a sponge dauber using sponge stuck to the bottom of a cork!!

KardKrazy said...

The shape of this house is wonderful, so unique!
(Maybe they get up and create at three in the morning like I do. I have a feeling the time zones make up for some of it, too.)

Faye said...

Some of the challenges do post what will be coming up next. Also, I'm with Louise. When I can't sleep, sometimes I get up and am doing stuff on the computer in the middle of the night, or rather the wee hours of the morning. It's already mid morning in Europe by then.

Your house is adorable. I love the colors and the way you were able to dab with the kitchen sponge. Super art piece.

Stempelchaotin said...

OMG what a gorgeous house.
Love the Lady inside. Stunning work.

Thanks Ellen for this brilliant entry to TGiF.

Femmy said...

great house!!

vintage wil said...

Beautiful house !!!

June said...

Hi Ellen, I love your house for tgif I adore the colours and you chose similar theme to me :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and mentioning the necklace i made. Its not stampbord however i do use stampbord for necklaces too ( you can see them at this blog
The one on yesterdays blog was made from one of those little card type metal rimmed tags you can buy for cards ? ... Anyway it is a lot of fun hehehe . Glad you liked it
Hugs June xxx
I shall see if you have an add button and add myself to watch your blog

June said...

Oh and i meant to say .... good question about the challenge lol ... it puzzled me too so good to read the comments lol
I always am wayyy behind everyone else

Stempelfrosch said...

Wow, wonderful work! Fantastic house!
LG Anke

herminesplace said...

Prachtig huisje, leuke vorm

Sally said...

Gorgeous House. Love it!!

Char said...

Fabulous house. Love the lady.