Wednesday, 21 January 2009

it's raining awards

and another one called Marie Antoinnette, I got this lovely award from Bea , thank you very much it's a beauty.
I can pass this award on to 7 other people so here we go in no particular order as they say
1. Jackie ( cardesque)
2. Joanne ( wardle)
6. Calv


joanne wardle said...

aww thank you, that's really kind of you!

Ruthie said...

Thank you Ellen. That's lovely.

Ruthie x

(PS Shot of the binder is on my blog)

Nicola H said...

Thanks Ellen! That's made my day :)

Calv said...

Sorry Ellen, i am so behind with awards!

Thank you so much for this, just been looking through your blog again, you have so much cool stuff (of course you knew that though lol)

Thanks again. :)