Thursday, 22 January 2009

a real challenge

the challenge on Rainbowlady is to use peel offs now that is a real challenge as I hate the stuff.
But I managed to dig up some peel offs out of a reject box ( yes I did use peel offs ages ago.) and have come to the conclusion that I still do not like them .
Oh dear I now remember something I could have done with it instead. Too late.
BTW the little car at the bottom had to be added to cover a black smudge .


Rainbow Lady said...

I am not keen on them either Ellen but I think you have made a super card. Noone would have known about the black smudge either. Thanks for playing Love Cynthia x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Thanks for joining in even when you don't like them. Sorry. The card is great though,I really like it and I'm sure I wouldn't have noticed the smudge. Take Care Hazel xox

Craftyanny said...

some things never change eh Ellen??
Good for you for doing the challenge though, even if you still don't like peel offs.
It's a great card

RubyMay said...

This has turned out really good...and...what black smudge ? !!

Anonymous said...

Hoi Ellen bedankt voor je bb-tje,je hebt trouwens zelf ook weer prachtige kaarten gemaakt en nee hoor,dat is niet het nieuwe wat ik ga doen,dat kwam erbij,maar vind het superleuk om te doen,nee ik maak kaartjes in opdracht nu en dat neemt veel tijd in beslag en heb ik geen tijd om op meerdere forums te zijn en was allang lid van een andere en daar wilde ik graag opblijven en me blog neemt ook tijd in beslag natuurlijk,groetjes Joke.