Monday, 9 March 2009

another award

I received this one from Andrea . Thank you Andrea ( Frog) for thinking of me.
Now are you like me and starting to wonder where they all come from? Who made it ? I'm beginning to feel I'm collecting them like stamps .
Now don't get me wrong I feel honoured to receive them, glad people appreciate some of what I make and it's nice to share it all with fellow crafters . But... the more awards turn up in blogland the less value they are getting to me. Am I getting blase?

anyway I'm to pass it on to 5 other bloggers who's work I appreciate and find inspiring.

1. Lilian
2. Bea
3. Wendela


Craftyanny said...

thanks Ellen, I know what you mean about there being so many of them out there but it's still nice to get one now and again.
Thanks for thinking of me

Romy said...

Gefeliciteerd met je award!