Tuesday, 21 April 2009

home is where the....is

Gothic Arches also has the theme home is where the heart is , I gave it my own twist but then where would my home be?? with two kids on the other side of the channel and one on this side.
I decided I have two homes.
The background was made by trying to use two colours acrylic paint . I tried to paint through the gauze but that didn't work properly then tried to stamp with gauze , which did work a little bit.
I then sprayed it with glimmermist and made the gauze wet with spray starch to get a bit of umpf to it.
The flower was a peachy colour that got sprayed with 2 colours glimmermist.
This is also my non cheating entree for the Saturdays workout which is to use gauze in your creation.
bij gothic arches is het thema ook thuis is waar je hart is. ik heb er iets anders van gemaakt. maar ja waar is dan mijn thuis met 2 kindren aan jullie kant van het water en 1tje hier. dan heb ik maar 2 thuizen, ook opgelost.
De achtergrond is gemaakt met 2 kleuren acrylverf , gestempeld met een stukje verbandgaas en daaroverheen glimmermist .Het verband heb ik ingespoten met stijfsel uit een spuitbus om er wat meer umpf aan te geven.
Dit is tevens mijn 2e project voor saturdays workout waar je verbandgaas moest gebruiken .Nu eens niet gesmokkeld.( Ik had een stempel gebruikt)


Sandy said...

OMG what a fantastic arch.
Wonderful details. Love them.

Thanks again for your entry to SaWo.

Calv said...

Hi Ellen, what a lovely arch. I've never tried one yet but every time i see one of yours it reminds me to get off my backside and try one. :)

Ang C said...

a gorgeous arch lots of texture

Judy said...

Gorgeous arch, Ellen, must give the 'gauze' technique a go today, it has worked so weel in your art!

Jolanda said...

Ohw wat mooi Ellen, wat een leuk effect ook geeft het verbandgaas.

vintage wil said...

Wow wat een schitterende arch!!

Aileen said...

Ellen you created a beautiful arch, I love all the fabric you incorporated, lovely! Thanks so much for participating!

Happy Creating,


Martina2801 said...

This is fantastic! What a great inspiration arch !

Anonymous said...

Prachtige arch

Faye said...

Ellen, everything looks great. I love the gauze technique along with your other gorgeous colors. It fits both of the challenges great.