Friday, 29 May 2009


architecture is the theme on TGIF. I love sitting in empty cathedrals and churches just to listen to the silence. So when I got my vintage cd's from Tuscan Rose and found this cathedral image I had to use it for this challenge.
I coloured it sepia in Photoshop and added the mother and child ( also Tuscan Rose) . I then printed the mother and child again to make it 3d.
The stamped background is from Cornishheritagefarms, the measuring tape and stamp are from Inka .
One minute I didn't have any measuring tape/ruler stamps and suddenly I've got 4 did that happen??
architectuur is het thema by TGIF, ik vind het heerlijk om in een bijna lege kerk/cathedraal nte zitten en de stilte in me op te nemen. ik vond deze images op mijn nieuwe vintage cd's van Tuscan Rose.
De cathedraal heb ik sepia gemaakt in Photoshop en er de moeder/dochter image opgeblended daarna moeder/dochter nog een keer geprint om het 3 te maken
is niet zo goed te zien bij het scannen. De gestempelde achtergrond is van Cornishheritagefarms en het meetlint en zegelding van Inka stamps. Zo heb je geen enkele liniaal/meetlint stempel en zo heb je er 4 hoe kan dat nou???


Sandy said...

OMG this is excellent.
Absolutely stunning piece. Love them.

Thanks Ellen for your great entry to TGiF.

Faye said...

Ellen, the combination of colors in this piece is gorgeous. The cathedral interior brings a certain tranquility to the scene, just as it does in real life. Gorgeous interpretation of the theme.

Martina2801 said...

I love your background and the image is exquisite. Wonderful work.

Ang C said...


Great images and gorgeous colours too

Anne said...

Wonderful design! I like your mix of elements.

vintage wil said...

What a beautiful card!!

Anonymous said...

Prachtige collage.

Myriame said...

Prachtige Kaart, schitterende collage

Svenja said...

Such a fantastic work of art! I love all those layers and especially the measuring-tape. Great idea.