Monday, 25 May 2009

Michael Strong's glue technique -Deconstructed metallic webbing

It's partytime at the yahoo group for Michael Strong stamps because they have now got 300 members in a very short time.

In honour of this we are making cards with a chance to win one of his lovely stamps.
I used his glue technique - he calls it Deconstructed Metallic Webbing -again since I love that.
The fishes were stamped on shrink foil and shrunk. The card behind the glue bit is holographic hence the colours in it.
Quite a surprise to me as I wanted to keep it in black and white , apart from the " weeds"
you can see the technique at


bij de yahoo groep van Michael Strong stempels is het feest omdat er in korte tijd 300 leden zich aangemeld hebben. Ter ere hiervan worden er 3 stempels weggegeven voor de mooiste kaarten die met zijn stempels zijn gemaakt.
Ik heb weer zijn lijm techniek gebruikt, die vind ik prachtig je weet nooit hoe het er uit komt te zien.
De vissen zijn op krimpfolie gestempeld en gekrompen ?
De kaart achter de lijm creatie is holographisch vandaar de kleuren. Een verrassing voor me want ik wilde hem in zwart/wit houden , behalve het wier.


Zoechaos said...

Fantastic, thanks for the link the glue technique is intriging. your piece is visually stunning.

Ang C said...

Such a fab technique and this piece is stunning

sam21ski said...

Fab card, thanks for the link, will go check it out xxxx

Anne said...

Your piece looks great! At first I thought it was stained glass with lead seams on the outer part. Thanks for the link on how to make the metallic webbing. I don't know if I'll do it, but I'm intrigued now.