Friday, 3 July 2009

Blue and green

is the theme on Daringcardmakers..those are my 2 favourite colours preferably mixed together.
Show me anything like teal, aqua, turquoise and I'm your friend .
This is a digital card made with a kit called Homespun by kathy neill from Photocraftschoolhouse The template is from there as well.
blauw en groen is het thema bij daringcardmakers. precies mijn favoriete kleuren liefst gemengd alles wat maar naar teal-turquoise, aqua zweemt is prima.
dit is een digi kaart kit is Homespun van photocraftschoolhouse.


Lythan said...

If you hadn't said it was digital I would not have realised. Fab card Ellen

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have realised either. :) Fab card and thanks for joining in.


Kathy said...

ooooh Clever Ellen!

love those tulips - just right for a little Dutch Girl like yourself, eh?

Tracey said...

Fab Digi card :-)


aardvarkpest said...

I'd never have realised it was digital either unless you said. great card love the tulips.


glitterangel said...

Very clever, it looks so real, amazing.

SueH said...

Oh I’m so behind with these this week and here we are with the next dare already up.

Fab card Ellen.
I love the muted shades and the lay out is great. I think I may have to visit that site for a nosey!