Sunday, 20 September 2009

why oh why ???

cannot I read properly ?? or at least remember what I've read . It's people from Asia for the Smallworldofinchies and what did I do???
Just Asia. I drew a bit of a blank and thought oh jade comes from that region and I've still got my jade ring I bought back in 1978 or so during my travels.
The digi page is from Lisa Bowman ( digitalcraftcottage) called Tranquil Spring
oh well back to the drawing board and find some Asian people


Zoechaos said...

it may not have people it has style love the colour, the shapes the gems the feeling of both texture and depth. in short LOVE IT!

sam21ski said...

Well I'm glad you did read it wrong else we wouldn't have got to see this fabulous creation - it's lovely Ellen and all in my fave colours xxxx

Traci said...

Oh, but Ellen! This is so lovely! And you have used one of my favorite kits to showcase this lovely memento, too.