Sunday, 24 January 2010

arch angels

it's angels and arches for Adifferentchallenge . Tonight I went to my craftvan for the first time in over a month and I came across my christmas stamps and shock horror , the whole drawer was full of mouse droppings and piddle ?? amongst 50 odd stamps .
I feared the worst but none of them were nibbled at. Thank goodness for that my guardian angel must have been there .That will teach me from now on to tidy things up in their maps rather then chuck them in a drawer.


melody said...

oh my goodness chickie! so glad your stamps didn't get ruined!

i LOVE your arche! that angel is beautiful..and lovin that background..scrumptious! thanks so much for joining in the challenge this week


Jeannie said...

Love your angel arch, gorgeous colours. Tour little angel must have been watching out for you when the mice where busy.

Zoechaos said...

Oh Ellen what a shock and how annoying but it has been a horrid cold time and the caravan cannot have been very welcoming to you. What a relief your stamps are all ok and just need a bit of a spruse up. Beautiful angle arch, have been mulling over this one really inspired by yours.

sam21ski said...

Oh no, but at least none were damaged, a quick clean upa nd they'll be as good as new

Fab arch, lovely colours xxxx

Musje said...

Geweldig gemaakt,mooi de engel en het paars en geel gemixt,fijne zondag nog,groetjes Joke.

Dawn said...

Oh glad your stamps weren't nibbled!! Did have a laugh at the droppings and piddle bit though!!!
Love your arch what fantstic images..thanks for joining us on SCD


Jolanda said...

Je had geen lekkere avond denk ik, muizenkeutels en de pot met inkt...maar heeft wel gezorgd voor een hele creatieve explosie! Je hebt weer een paar schitterende werkstukken gemaakt!

Carol said...

good job your stamps weren't damaged - bet it took ages to wash them...shudder!!

Thanks for joining us at SCD this week - lovely arch!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Thank you for commenting on my bracelet giveaway. I love going around to see all of those involved in the Magic Carpet Ride giveaways.
Come back anytime!