Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Art Specially Candy

Art Specially now has their own blog instead of the Hyves group and the forum. I'm a happy bunny about that as I don't get on with Hyves very well and the forum kept on giving problems.
To celebrate they are giving away one of their Art Specially Magazines ( these are more like a book) as their blogcandy , you choose which one you'd like. This one is nr .9
The other item you can win is a free ticket for the Sunday of the Art Specially Event which takes place in Zeist ( Netherlands)
It's a 2-day happening all about our passion of stamps and related goodies. Lots of free workshops .

This takes place on the 10-11th of April

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Nook Cranny Gifts said...

Thanks for visiting our blog during the OWOH tour.

We hope you had a wonderful time, we sure did.


Thanks for sharing.

Michele & Minyele, and Willy Wonka Pea Doodle, too