Tuesday, 30 March 2010

you are what you eat

you are what you eat is the theme for this weeks 3 Muses Now I was thinking of chocolate and liquorice and lots of lovely fruit , you can wake me up for a mango anytime.

And from there I remembered a little song I love , I heard it over 30 years ago and never forgot. It's been going through my mind all week so now I don't love it so much anymore.

Hopefully this will get it out of my system. grrr.

I hope you can read the song


Said the apple to the orange

I wanted you to come

close to me and kiss me to the core

Then you might know me like no

other orange has ever done before .

credits- Creation 23- Catherine Designs and Createwings


apple and orange courtesy of Devianart


Judy said...

Lovely hanger, Ellen, lots more wonderful art on you blog, too!

Yvonne said...

This is gorgeous, Ellen!

Taluula said...

Did it get it out of your system Ellen? The little poem is inspired and you have described it in your hanger so well. Standing O my friend.

Daphne said...

Hhahaha what a fun song!
Beautifull piece of artwork!

indybev said...

HA! Love your fruity little ditty, and your hanger is a peach ..... ah er, I guess that's a whole different "thang"! Anyway, beautifully done and I'm glad I'm not familiar with the tune or I'd be humming it all day too!

terri d. said...

that's one thing i love about doing these challenges...they trigger memories from long ago and help us create something as cool as this! love the hanger and thanks for sharing the little song.

Bumbershoot Designs and Supplies said...

Wonderful piece and charming song! A really fun take on the theme. ~Sharon

mary.kg said...

Très jolie présentation originale Ellen !

Tinkertaylor said...

When i saw your title I immediately thought chocolate...great minds think alike! Love your hangy thing.

LiveArt said...

lol, hope you got it out of your system :) Love your hanger!!


Shelle said...

Love it, although i guess i won't be making your kitchen wall, if you don't want to hear it any more.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Ellen!!! Your hanging piece is so clever and beautiful!!!

Gaby Bee said...

Lovely hanger, Ellen. Really beautifully done! Thanks for sharing the little song.

Amy said...

cute song and art piece..thank you for sharing

Carol said...

Love the music paper, love the tree. Love this!
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