Sunday, 16 May 2010

Steampunk twinchie

and now for some Steampunk , wherever did that word come from??

This one is for Smallworldofinchies . it's a twinchie ( 2x2)
Christina Renee- Collectors Plethora
reCreations 23- Createwings Designs and Catherine Designs
Land of Nod - pilot


Tess said...

Oh my I like this. There is so much going on in such a small space. I don't know where that word comes from either but I do like the sound of it. I wish I could find a box of watch parts and gadgets at a thrift store here as it would be fun playing with them.

peggy gatto said...

I love that little head popping out of the punk car, too cute!!!!!!

sam21ski said...

Great piece xxxx

JeanFB said...

Oh, this is so fun!! So beautifully done - I love all of your funky steampunk images.

Bieke said...

Deze is ookal zo mooi! Je bent lekker bezig!

Riet said...

Ik vind deze ook prachtig