Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Q inchie

we're at the q for Inchiebyinch a difficult one that .
I have used a photo of the neighbours ducks that used
to get into our fields every afternoon. ( they have now been killed by a mink., yes one of those "cuddly" lovely animals, set free by so called do-gooders and now roaming loose and creating havoc in the countryside.)
oops I'm on my soapbox.


Irish3 said...

Ha I love your quack for Q!! Perfect!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Great Q Ellen

Scraplijn said...

Hahaha, hoe bedenk je het!!! Super gedaan en de Music hanger is ook al zo mooi!!!

Aino said...

That's very clever and funny. Good work.

Jo said...

This is so sweet - how sad if they've been killed (for nothing, just because they could). Lovely inchy, Ellen. x

missy k said...


Hi! I love your inchy - it is so serene. I am sorry these lovely birds are no longer around.