Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Deck of ME - I AM

as I was running behind 2 cards for this week. It's so difficult to define what I am on one small card. What it did teach me though was....DO NOT use your heat gun to dry the ink after you have put the labels on as this will melt the text of your labels, don't even try heating it from the back as that will also melt the text away so you have to start yet again. You learn don't you??

In Holland we say 3 times is shipsright what is the English expression?? 3 times lucky ??
Moeilijk om te beschrijven wat je bent op 1 klein kaartje. Wat ik wel geleerd heb is...gebruik je heatgun niet nadat je de labels hebt opgeplakt want dit verwijdert de tekst er van, ook als je de achterkant verhit. 3 maal is scheepsrecht.
De linkse achtergrond is gedaan met alcohol inkt en Distress inkt de letters zijn van Sizzix Nouveau. De rechtse achtergrond is Gesso met Distressinkt en Glimmermist

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Angelnorth said...

"Third time lucky" would be the idiomatic English, I guess.

Great cards Ellen, good to see you're catching up again!