Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I've been busy

A powercut does wonders for crafting as long as it's light. Somehow my stamps seem to be multiplying so I made another album for them with clear envelopes to put them in,it's full already.

Another order from Art Journey arrived yesterday . It's my favourite shop at the moment .Here I have used Glimmer Mist and a brass Celtic stencil.I love the way it has turned out. When you flip the still wet stencil over you can make another printed image with it which will be the opposite from this one.
Another one done the same way
My new stamps had to be tested
and I have started on the Emily Falconbridge challenge Deck of Me but I am doing them in my own order, whatever takes my fancy that week.
I've done NATURE and

REMEMBER the Flower Power period and the song If you're going to San Francisco brings back many happy memories .


Farmersgirl said...

These are gorgeous Ellen, love the nature fern stamp.


Angelnorth said...

These look great Ellen - hope you have fun as you pick your way through the prompts!